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Super Space Xorgs and the Visa Violation [In the Works] Game Page

Theme: Space

Type: Platformer

Supported Devices: Any device w/web acces, Pc/mac with nw.js, linux device with nw.js

Supported inputs: Touch(In future update), Keyboard, Controller

Donut Shop Simulater[Full Game]

The Game is hosted below. Instructions can be seen by visiting the game here. Use the same link if the embed for the game is too big or small.

Pong+[Full Game]

Pong+ is an update version of pong I created using construct 3. The game includes an almost impossible Computer A.I for the battle to play against. There is also a gamemode for 2 AIs to battle each other. There is no online verssion of this game and at the moment it only suports Windows arm64, Windows x86, and Windows x64. You can dowload the game here.


After yoiu donload the game you will need to extract the zipped file to a memorable place. Then open the folder labled with your CPU architecture. If you don't know what your CPU architecture then try the folowing steps with all architectures. After you open the folder you will open PongPlus.exe. IF windows defender stops you from running the program then click on more info on the pop up and click run.

To play the game in Player vs AI mode the player will use the arrow keys to move thier paddle. Hit the apostraphe key witch is right below the escape key to enter fullscreen. Hit the escape key to exit full screen.

To play the game in AI vs AI mode just enter or exit fullscreen and hit p to pause the game.